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4 Tips on How to Wrap Furniture for Storage

It can be difficult to know how to wrap your furniture for a storage unit and not everyone knows the best way. Make sure to never place your furniture in a storage unit without covering it with a blanket or drop cloth. If you have plastic, this is an even better way of wrapping your furniture and help prevent dust and moisture from ruining your belongings. Below we will expound on 4 different tips for storing your furniture.

  • Clean Thoroughly - You never want to put dirty furniture in a storage unit. To ensure that your furniture stays in pristine condition, cleaning the furniture will dramatically decrease the risk of mold and dust in your storage unit. Be sure to clean the cushions with fabric upholstery cleaner and with any wooden pieces, use wood cleaner. With metal furniture, use metal polish to help reduce the chance of oxidation or tarnish build-up.
  • Take Apart Furniture if Possible - Taking apart your furniture will help with making packing that much easier for the storage unit. It will also help your furniture receive any scratches or possibly break. Label a baggie with all the nuts and bolts for each piece of furniture and store it alongside the corresponding furniture.
  • Wrap Furniture - Wrapping your furniture is crucial to improving your furniture not receiving any damage during storage. Wrap your furniture with drop cloths, blankets or plastic wrap. Don't wrap the furniture with thick plastic as this will actually seal in moisture and can cause condensation which can lead to the furniture swelling.
  • Raise Furniture off Floor - If your unit doesn't have climate control, your furniture could suffer damage just be being directly on the floor. If you can use a pallet, cinder blocks or even a layer of cardboard is better than nothing.

The Convenient Way to Store Your Belongings

No matter how long you need to store your items with us, you will have peace of mind knowing they will be safe and secure with us. We can even provide you full house storage services.

When you use our So Cal storage units, we will:
  • Safely wrap and pack your belongings
  • Bring them to our units with our trucks
  • Bring items back to your space when you call us and request delivery
  • Unwrap and reassemble furniture in your new space

If you only need one item at a given time and wish to keep the rest in storage, our Los Angeles movers can pull any item on your inventory sheet from your storage unit and deliver it at your convenience.

Whether you are storing furniture between moves, you ran out of appropriate storage space at your home or office, or you just want a safe place to put things, our storage services can help. Our So Cal storage units are designed to accommodate all types of items.

Let us provide you with the clean, affordable, and secure storage solution you need. Call us at (818) 332-9701 to request a quote.

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    "Seemed to be actually having fun on the job!"

    Seemed to be actually having fun on the job!

    "They worked together as a team."

    They worked together as a team.

    "Friendly, efficient and hard-working."

    Friendly, efficient and hard-working.

    Cat W.
    "We will use them again we move."

    We will use them again we move.

    "Thank you guys so much!!!"

    These guys are the best!!! Seriously. I’ve moved at least 30 times for my job. And Erik Rodriguez, Ciro and Arnoldo helped ...

    Heather & Makya McBee
    West Covina, CA
    "If I every have to move again I am definitely using Precision Moving and I would totally recommend this company"

    If I every have to move again I am definitely using Precision Moving and I would totally recommend this company

    Marius M.
    "I was shocked at how quick it was!"

    I was shocked at how quick it was!

    Sandra M.
    "Wrapped everything in blankets and gently placed in the truck."

    Wrapped everything in blankets and gently placed in the truck.

    Leon P.